The selection of automation systems and control and measuring equipment for monitoring technological and production processes
Installation control and measurement equipment and wiring, measurements of post-assembly, commissioning
Modernization and reconstruction of old and worn out automation and measurement systems, controls and safeguards
Telemetry systems of data collection M2M (GSM / GPRS)
The selection of installation and commissioning measurements: thermal (temperature, pressure, flow, level, density, etc.), Measuring electrical values, physical-chemical measurements and special
Selection, installation and commissioning of systems: automatic control, protection technology, automation of oil burners, electrical safety and power supply circuits for automation


Automation of heating systems


Computer visualization and telemetry systems are important elements in the modernization of boiler and heating systems. They enable the dispatcher to the current observation of the technological process of boiler and heating network parameters, making it easy to make the right decisions. Technological modernization of boilers is the basis for achieving high efficiency of boilers and value reductions of SO2, NOx and dust to the required standard level. For continuous operation of the boiler with optimal parameters it is necessary to modern metering and automation.

Our offer modernize the automation system is based on a comprehensive metering of facilities and a master control system. Carrying out such an upgrade, it will give for operators full information about the work of the boiler room. Modern automation and executive devices (eg. The frequency converters for drives, actuators) allow you operate quick and effective intervention in the operation of the boiler. Installed synoptic images of the whole boiler rooms and selected parts of the technological process give a clear picture of work and allow remote control via computer console. The system gives you the opportunity to observe current measurements on the background of the flowsheet and analyze the course of changes and alerts service technician of any deviations. Offered by us system has functions manual operation available from the local control cabinet, enabling the running of the boiler in emergency. Digital Communications PLC installed with the station dispatching is done by digital links. The monitoring system can also be supervised, eg. At the headquarters of the management, using fiber optic or GSM, GPRS.

Proposed by us systems are functioning successfully in many heating plants.




I & C modernization process includes the following steps:
Metering of boilers and monitoring of process data for heating plants,
- The introduction of automatic control systems operation of boilers,
- Automation of work of boiler auxiliary equipment.


Description of system functions:
· Overseeing the circuit operation,
· Generating alarm messages (visual and audible alarms)
· Generation trends (graphs with how the process data changes)
· Review and registration data - archiving,
· Analysis of changes of selected measured values,
· Cyclical reading and processing of measured parameters,
· Overruns control of technological parameters,
· Perform calculations (instantaneous, medium)
· Visualization of current values of technological parameters and their changes
· Remote control and parameterization of the process.



The use of main control system provides the following benefits:
· To reduce the size of the control system and quantity electricity consumed.
· Reducing the amount of cabling,
· Reliability of PLC control system in relation to certain electrical components,
· The ability to quickly modify the system by making changes to the program,
· Implementation complicated control functions.



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