We offer a complex design of all technical sectors, because only then can you ensure proper coordination between sectors in the project. We specialize in designing industrial automation, power grid and sanitary

We design of industrial automation. Each system is made to measure and adapted to customer needs. After recognizing your needs, our engineers analyze design, create the concept and present it for approval. Based on the concept of creating a design electrical cabinets, cabling and instrumentation. Software developers are preparing software for PLCs, create a visualization object on the panel HMI and SCADA operator stations. Then, the finished project is launched and implemented at your company.

Systems provided by Centrum Energetyczne are based on the newest solutions available on the market for industrial automation.

In addition, in industries where the construction process is required (Polish law) or on request we offer:


The construction design (Projekt budowlany)

Documentation in the form of a descriptive (technical description) and graphics (drawings), whose contents are electrical HV and LV necessary for correct functioning of the construction as well as descriptive and graphic documentation of other sectors in accordance with the required scope of the investment. The documents necessary to apply for and obtain a building permit (Polish law).


The construction design implementing (Projekt wykonawczy)

Documentation in the form of a descriptive (technical description) and graphics (drawings), whose contents are electrical HV and LV and documentation descriptive and graphical other sectors in accordance with the scope of the investment required in terms of detail. Documents necessary for the proper implementation of the investment (Polish law).


Applying for building permits, agreements with municipal offices and other institutions

In terms of projects implementation motions to the administrators. Obtaining all necessary arrangements with any institutions that are necessary for the realization of the investment.


Obtaining maps, sector interviews, extracts from land registers

In respect of the projects, obtaining all documentation necessary to carry out the investment.


Agreeing projects with the power companies (grid connection) across Poland

Acting on behalf of the Client in matters relating to the arrangements of projects and technical solutions adopted, cooperation with power companies.


Cost Estimation

Determination at the stage of implementing projects, investment costs and electrical works including the costs of investment and other sectors of the work required within the scope of the investment.


Investment supervision

Investment supervision is the transfer of the investor specific areas of control over the implemented investment. In practice, this means the investor delegate tasks at the construction site on a specialized company. Surveillance is to control the work involved in technical, technological and law. This control is eg. on the verifying compliance of works with the design, technical acceptance and the process of authorizing the correctness of implementation of a given step - is essential for the conduct of investment. In summary, investment supervision is to control the execution of works in compliance with the design documentation (construction design and execution), quality control, specialized consulting and care for the interests of the investor during the investment at each stage.



In terms of projects to support in solving the arising problems. Finding the best architectural bureau.




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