Certificates in Maintenance of Mechanical and Electrical Devices

In Poland, there are three groups of permission. Each group consists of permission for operation and supervision. In any permission is a dozen points, which describe in detail the scope permission. For example you may have only a small part of the points in the given permission. There are three groups of permission:

Group 1 equipment, installations and grids producing, processing, transporting and consuming electricity

Group 2 devices producing, processing, transporting and consuming heat, and other power equipment

Group 3 devices, systems and networks gas producing, processing, transporting, storing and consuming fuel gas

The current Polish Energy Law defines that entitlement for workers in plants where they carry out operations from the scope of operation of equipment, installations or power grids, is without time limit. In contrast, persons providing services such as electrical, minor repairs, and services for individuals, must every five years to check the qualifications and take the exam. Check the qualification requirements made at the request of the employer, labor inspector, the President of the Energy Regulatory Office or other competent authority.


 Employees of Centrum Energetyczne Sp. z o.o. check their qualifications and take an exam every five years.


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